You Can’t Keep These Folks Down!


Monday Morning

There were 21 members at our Monday meeting plus one guest. Our guest speaker,  was Cathy Loomanns.  Happy bucks came from Vickie for her mom’s 87th birthday. Dan handled both the invocation and humor for the day. Steve Millin was our greeter. Thanks to everyone. Bonnie had thanks to Donna Freund, John Cooper, Pete Vercouteren, Dave Twohig, Lisa and herself for working the Salvation Army coat distribution on Saturday. John was the ticket winner. He drew the five of hearts, five dollar winner. Next Monday’s 50/50 Raffle will have 44 cards in the game including the seven pay cards with a pot of about $100.  

Cathy Loomans, Fond du Lac Senior Center

Cathy has been the director for almost one year. The Senior Center is owned by the City of Fond du Lac and three of its employees are city employees. The balance of employees is part of the Friends of the Senior Center. Like all friends groups they support the senior Center with additional employees and fund raising. You are not required to join the Friends to attend the Senior Center. In additional to fund raising, the Friends run the Travel Program and the gift Shop. The Senior Center has a senior outreach program. It is sponsored by United Way. The Out Reach has four different programs to serve their senior clients. They serves about 1000 visitors per week at the Senior Center.  To learn more about the Senior Center, call Cathy for a tour. In addition, by joining the Friends, you will receive a monthly newsletter. Finally, if you buy their restaurant coupon book, you support the Friends and save on dining out.