Year in Review Presented by Lt Gov Alling

Monday Morning
We had 19 members at our Monday meeting along with two guests, our speaker Past Lt. Gov. Tonya Alling, and Jackson Goldapske. “Happy Bucks” were offered by the following: Charlene Pettit for her recent 1,000 mile + vacation visiting relatives and finding a Kiwanis donation plaque at one of her stops, Vickie Goldapske in celebration for Ron and Jackson’s first fishing tournament first place as a team, Mark Luttenberger for his 5th grand-child born over the weekend, Jan Krug for her 27 year wedding anniversary, Glen Treml for an all clear from his hand surgeon, $2 from Tonya Alling, first for our Club’s 40th Anniversary recently and the other for a great vacation in Hayward last week. Dave Lefeber was the 50/50 Raffle Winner and he drew the Ten of Diamonds, a $10 winner. The next drawing will have 17 cards, four pay cards and a pot of at least $443. Congrats Dave!

Tonya Alling, Kiwanis District 12 Lt. Governor
Tonya Alling joined us on Monday morning and did a nice review of her year as Division 12 Lt. Governor. First she noted that our Division 12 was nominated and awarded the Distinguished Division designation and that all the Clubs in Division 12 were also nominated and awarded Distinguished Club status. Tonya was able to make the case to the District Governor who in turn was able to make the case to Kiwanis International that our Division and all the Club within the Division were worthy of Distinguished status. These awards will be presented at the District Convention in Racine on August 24th.
Tonya then moved on to a status update on the Governor’s Project. To date, approximately $125,000 has been raised toward the goal of $500,000. The amount raised to date has provided over 300 iPad Minis to autistic children throughout the WI-UM Kiwanis District. In Fond du Lac there are currently 30 applications pending with enough funding to fill 10 of those requests. Our $2,000 pledge will fund five Minis.
Tonya then talked about the structural changes in our District that will be effective on October 1st. Our Division 12 has combined with Division 13 and is now called Division 11. The Trustees are no more and the 11 Lt. Governors will again be members of the District Board. Joan Pinch has been elected the Division 11 Lt. Governor to serve a two year term.