What Should You Do in an Emergency?


Monday Morning

We had a much smaller crowd of 13 members at Monday morning’s meeting, along with our guest speaker, Gabrielle Petersen from FDL County Emergency Management.  Chris Serres was the winner of the 50/50 Raffle drawing on Monday and she drew the Ten of Hearts, a $10 winner.  Nicely done.  Next week’s drawing will have 14 cards with three pay cards and a pot of at least $509.

Gabrielle Petersen – FdL County Emergency Management

When disasters hit, we know that families, businesses, and communities are more resilient if they have taken steps to prepare and plan beforehand. We also know that engaging and managing large numbers of volunteers is an important part of disaster recovery. The AmeriCorps ReadyWisconsin program is a 12-member part-time (900 hours annually) service program designed to increase community resilience by providing preparedness outreach and education to community organizations, businesses, and local governments. AmeriCorps ReadyWisconsin will also assist communities with developing emergency volunteer management plans, volunteer recruitment, and disaster relief services when needed.

The ReadyWisconsin AmeriCorps Disaster Preparedness Project is dedicated to conducting emergency management capacity building and disaster services in the communities they serve. The AmeriCorps members will be instrumental in developing programs to better prepare their own and neighboring communities to respond to disasters.

  • 10 AmeriCorps Field Disaster Preparedness Coordinator members will work with municipal/county emergency management directors.
  • 2 WEM Central Office Disaster Preparedness Coordinator members will work in the Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM) central office in Madison.