What Is the Sabish Archery Club?



Monday Morning

We had 20 members at Monday’s meeting along with five guest speakers from the Sabish Middle School Archery Club.  Bonnie Baerwald announced that the Community Services Committee is trying to put together a team(s) to help at the October 25th Make-A-Difference Day.  Check with Bonnie if you’re interested. Gary Miller has an InterClub planned for the Noon Pancake Day on Oct 23rd and FDL Key Club on Oct 24th.    Happy Bucks were offered by Harry Schneider for his anniversary, Dan Leeds for being honored as Kiwanian of the Year and Bob Kahl for Deanna’s birthday.  Bonnie Baerwald was the 50/50 Raffle winner and she drew the Queen of Clubs, close but no cigar. Next week’s drawing will have 6 cards with two pay cards and a pot of at least $652.

Mary Leicht, Sabish Archery Club

Mary Leicht and five members of the Sabish Archery Club joined us on Monday morning to tell us about this newly formed club in cooperation with the Lake Shore Archery Club.  The Club originally had a 12 member limit but were willing to expand it to 15 to accommodate a couple of extenuating requests.   This Club is an excellent opportunity for these students to experience first hand the fun of archery.  Mary is exploring the expansion of this Club to the other middle schools and possibly the high school.