What Do You Know About Walleye Weekend?


Monday Morning

We had 17 members at our Monday meeting along with our speaker Leanne Doyle from Fond du Lac Festivals. “Happy Bucks” were offered by Bonnie Baerwald for her first attendance at Celebrate Community, Gary Ring ($2) for a successful StoryBook Land and Celebrate Community, Gary Miller ($3) for the Food for Thought Project, Fondy Idol and Celebrate Community, Vickie Goldapske for her birthday and a weekend of family and fun and Glen Treml for being back from vacation.  Chris Serres was the 50/50 Raffle winner on Monday and she drew the Three of Hearts, not a winner.  Next week’s drawing will have 47 cards, including eight pay cards, and a pot of at least $58.

Leanne Doyle, Fond du Lac Festivals

Leanne Doyle joined us on Monday morning to find out what we knew about Walleye Weekend (WW).  Leanne has been the Fond du Lac Festivals Executive Director since August 2012 so she’s had the experience of Walleye Weekend from the front lines for two years.  Leanne brought along a 13 question quiz to help us learn how much we did or didn’t know about Walleye Weekend.  The first significant statistic that Leanne noted was that they sold 17,000 wristbands at last year’s WW.  Her next statistic was that 53,320 cups of beer were sold last WW or 3.14 cups of beer per wristband sold.  While not in the Q&A, Leanne noted that the 2014 WW generated over $211,500 in funds for the 46 groups that participated in WW as either vendors or volunteers for the weekend.  Another statistic not on the Q&A was the fact that it takes about $225,000 to fund all of the weekend activities from bands, to dog shows, Family Land, etc.  Several other noteworthy statistics from the Q&A was that the festival has returned over $616,000 to the community in the past three years, no small amount.  The final statistic of importance was that our Club sold over 2,700 pounds of cheese curds at the 2014 WW event.  Leanne closed by reminding everyone to put June 12 – 14 on their 2015 calendar for the next Walleye Weekend.