Walleye Weekend Wrap-up

Well, another Walleye Weekend is in the history books. This was our first year opening on Thursday and finishing tear-down on Monday. All things considered the event went off very well. We had tremendous volunteers from groups such as the Fondy Band Parents, St. Peter Athletic Club, Family Resource Center, and some Boy Scout volunteers were also sprinkled in for good measure. Without these volunteers we could not make this long weekend possible. Also, thanks go out to all of our members that helped out from both the main club and also the Satellite Club. Finally, thanks to all who came out to Walleye Weekend and supported our efforts by purchasing cheese curds and other great food items from our tent. We sold approximately 2,200 lbs. of cheese curds compared to 2,700 lbs. last year. The Fund Raising Committee has approved donations of $4,380 to five different volunteer groups in recognition for their assistance at our Walleye Weekend Operation. Thanks again, everyone!