Vacation Highlights Delight Kiwanians

Monday Morning
We had 22 members at our regular Monday meeting. John Cooper announced that he and Del had gone over the hours provided by our two volunteer groups and it was determined that Fondy Band Parents had 242 volunteer hours at Walleye Weekend and Family Resource Center had 30 hours at Walleye Weekend. Charlene Pettit circulated the sign-up sheet for the last time for Wednesday night’s Summer Picnic. She also was looking for a couple of more dessert providers. “Happy Bucks” were offered by Charlene Pettit for her son’s finishing the Grandma Marathon in Duluth this past weekend, Jan Krug for her daughter’s (Emily) 21st birthday as well as her co-worker and Club Satellite member, Mary Hietpas’ birthday and Vickie Goldapske for Ron and Jackson’s great finish in last weekend’s fishing tournament. Ron Seidl was the 50/50 Raffle Winner and he drew the seven of Diamonds, not a winner. The next drawing will have 20 cards, five pay cards and a pot of at least $407. President Marlin also drew two names, Jackie King and Steve Millin, from the meeting attendance to receive two Walleye Weekend t-shirts. Congratulations Jackie and Steve on being winners.

Vacation Highlights
Our planned program just got out of the hospital and couldn’t join us on Monday so we had an impromptu program of vacation highlights from several of our members who recently returned from summer vacations. Sharon and Gene Kollman just returned from a week long cruise to Alaska. Not only did they have wonderful views in the Inside Passage they also had a successful whale watching excursion and were able to experience a whale pod feeding frenzy. According to Sharon they had a week of wonderful weather which is not always the case in Alaska.
Dan and Lin Leeds spent almost three weeks in Scotland and England. They visited Dan’s sister and her family who are starting a Baptist church in a small Scottish town. They also took a train to a London suburb to visit their son, daughter-in-law and grandson for several days. They’re stationed with the Air Force and will be there for the next several years. The weather was cool and overcast.
Cathy and Glen Treml also spent a week in Alaska but they were RVing in the interior. The highlights were Mt. McKinley and flying over a number of glaciers on their way to an abandoned copper mine.
Dave Twohig spent his vacation time in the Tuscany region of Italy. He saw lots of Catholic churches, visited Naples and the Isle of Capris plus he had a chance to climb Mt. Vesuvius, which is an active volcano, ash and all. According to Dave, every view on his vacation was a postcard moment.