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Visit the Kiwanis for Cheese Curds at Walleye Weekend

Monday Morning

There were 16 members at our Monday meeting. Jackie and Sharon were our greeters. Steve had the humor. Happy bucks came from Dawn and Dan. John did the grace. Good news, Del was transferred from Milwaukee to Manor Care for rehab. He will probably be there for two weeks.  He likes visitors in the evening after his rehab is done. Gary is planning an interclub for June 14th at the Evening Club. Bonnie announced that we are landscaping for Habitat on July 18th. Harry was a winner and a winner of the drawing. He took home $187.50.  Remember that we have a Kiwanis web page and Facebook. If you are on Facebook, like our page.

Walleye Weekend Review

John and Harry reviewed all the rules and activities at Walleye Weekend. The beer will be Budweiser. The cheese will be fresh. Both the Band Boosters and Family Resource Center will have volunteers to help us.  The hours are 3 – 10 on Friday, Saturday 10-10 and Sunday 10-6. And don’t forget, we will have clean up on Monday morning in place of our regular meeting. We can use help until noon on Monday. We can always use extra help all weekend, especially Sunday. Stop by and enjoy some freshly fried cheese curds!

Wanna Get Some Cheese Curds?


It wouldn’t be Walleye Weekend without the Kiwanis of Fabulous Fond du Lac Cheese Curds! Walleye Weekend starts on Friday again this year with burgers, brats and yes, 3,000 pounds of cheese curds. We’d love to see you there! Stop in, say hi, and, by all means, support the children of Fond du Lac and the world by purchasing some delicious, deep-fried cheese curds!

What Do You Know About Walleye Weekend?


Monday Morning

We had 17 members at our Monday meeting along with our speaker Leanne Doyle from Fond du Lac Festivals. “Happy Bucks” were offered by Bonnie Baerwald for her first attendance at Celebrate Community, Gary Ring ($2) for a successful StoryBook Land and Celebrate Community, Gary Miller ($3) for the Food for Thought Project, Fondy Idol and Celebrate Community, Vickie Goldapske for her birthday and a weekend of family and fun and Glen Treml for being back from vacation.  Chris Serres was the 50/50 Raffle winner on Monday and she drew the Three of Hearts, not a winner.  Next week’s drawing will have 47 cards, including eight pay cards, and a pot of at least $58.

Leanne Doyle, Fond du Lac Festivals

Leanne Doyle joined us on Monday morning to find out what we knew about Walleye Weekend (WW).  Leanne has been the Fond du Lac Festivals Executive Director since August 2012 so she’s had the experience of Walleye Weekend from the front lines for two years.  Leanne brought along a 13 question quiz to help us learn how much we did or didn’t know about Walleye Weekend.  The first significant statistic that Leanne noted was that they sold 17,000 wristbands at last year’s WW.  Her next statistic was that 53,320 cups of beer were sold last WW or 3.14 cups of beer per wristband sold.  While not in the Q&A, Leanne noted that the 2014 WW generated over $211,500 in funds for the 46 groups that participated in WW as either vendors or volunteers for the weekend.  Another statistic not on the Q&A was the fact that it takes about $225,000 to fund all of the weekend activities from bands, to dog shows, Family Land, etc.  Several other noteworthy statistics from the Q&A was that the festival has returned over $616,000 to the community in the past three years, no small amount.  The final statistic of importance was that our Club sold over 2,700 pounds of cheese curds at the 2014 WW event.  Leanne closed by reminding everyone to put June 12 – 14 on their 2015 calendar for the next Walleye Weekend.

You Can Probably Guess What the Kiwanians Are Up To


If you are looking for an update and are looking for the Kiwanians, you probably know that there is only one place to find us. We are out making our community better of course. With the Memorial Day holiday and the Walleye Weekend fundraiser the Kiwanis of Fabulous Fond du Lac are staying very busy during the end of May and beginning of June. We are thankful for all the support we get on a regular basis from the community, and we hope that you are pleased with the ways the Kiwanis of Fabulous Fond du Lac are serving the community to make it a better place to live. Come out to Walleye Weekend to support us and check back in a few weeks when the schedule gets back to normal.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 1.10.59 PM

Kiwanis Happenings – June 30, 2012

These news updates have been a bit less sporadic during June as the club geared up and finished a successful Walleye Weekend fundraiser. Here is an update on the past two weeks:

Monday Morning
We had 19 members at the Ramada Hotel for our Monday morning. President Gary welcomed Sharon Kollman back after a leave of absence. It was good to see Sharon looking well. “Happy Bucks” were offered by Gary Miller for being back from vacation at Lake Tahoe and also by Ron Seidl for celebrating his and Joan’s 52nd wedding anniversary. Bonnie Baerwald announced that Habitat for Humanity is looking for volunteers to help staff the FDL County Fair admission gates. You can sign up by calling Habitat for Humanity directly for available times and dates if you’re interested. The 50/50 Raffle winner was Bob Kahl who drew an Eight of Hearts. While Bob didn’t win he did take another card out of the deck. Next week’s drawing will only have 39 cards in the deck with seven pay cards still in the mix.

UW-Extension, Diana Tscheschlok – June 18
In 1911, the Wisconsin legislature provided funds for counties to jointly employ with the University of Wisconsin College of Agriculture “an agriculturist who is an agent of a restricted area, a county or a part of one.” The Oneida County Board was the first county to ask the University for this service, with expenses to be shared on a 50/50 basis. Luther was hired in February 1912, and two additional agents were hired that same year, one in Eau Claire County and the other in Barron County.
In 1912, Luther provided agricultural information about livestock, winter feed, soils and legumes. Today, Cooperative Extension (CE) is home to four program areas offering local information in person and online, providing research-based information 24/7. Local CE offices also connect communities with University of Wisconsin campuses, where CE faculty and staff provide research-based information about the issues facing the people of Wisconsin. With an office in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties and on three Native American reservations, CE develops practical educational programs tailored to local needs and based on university knowledge and research. CE delivers expertise to the public, addressing a wide range of needs, in both urban and rural areas of the states. Information about County CE offices is available on their website.

Walleye Weekend Update – June 25
Del and John gave a recap of the recently completed Walleye Weekend.

Walleye Weekend Wrap-up

Well, another Walleye Weekend is in the history books. This was our first year opening on Thursday and finishing tear-down on Monday. All things considered the event went off very well. We had tremendous volunteers from groups such as the Fondy Band Parents, St. Peter Athletic Club, Family Resource Center, and some Boy Scout volunteers were also sprinkled in for good measure. Without these volunteers we could not make this long weekend possible. Also, thanks go out to all of our members that helped out from both the main club and also the Satellite Club. Finally, thanks to all who came out to Walleye Weekend and supported our efforts by purchasing cheese curds and other great food items from our tent. We sold approximately 2,200 lbs. of cheese curds compared to 2,700 lbs. last year. The Fund Raising Committee has approved donations of $4,380 to five different volunteer groups in recognition for their assistance at our Walleye Weekend Operation. Thanks again, everyone!