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Just in Time Parenting

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Monday Morning

There were 18 members at our Monday meeting plus one guest, Michelle Tiddemann.  .Dave Krug was our greeter. Harry did the humor. Gary Miller had the grace. Charlene, Mark, Dan, Bonnie and Gary Miller had happy bucks. Gary Miller and Pete are looking for two more golfers to attend Ripon Early Bird Golf outing on September 6th.   Melissa Schmidt will represent the club at the Boys and Girls Club Annual Spelling Bee in October.  Dave Lefeber was the winner and a loser. He picked the six of Diamonds. There are 41 cards left and a pot of $150.00.  Remember that we have a Kiwanis web page and Facebook. If you are on Facebook, like our page.  We have a projector for our speakers; please contact John if you need it. Speaking of programs for the future, get information to Peter or myself. Member names are being added under Programs for your future dates.

Michelle Tiddemann, Just in Time Parenting

“Just In Time Parenting” was started in 1993. The six Kiwanis Clubs in Fond du Lac County along with Agnesian Health Care, and UW Extension have been part of a supportive partnership. New parents can get a subscription through digital or surface mail. Since 2005, 7,929 infants in Fond du Lac have participated in this age paced newsletter. The new newsletter have has changed and expanded to get contributions from nine state and be available to children up to age five. Future efforts are working to include adoptive parents, prenatal audience with health care providers and survey on use and applicability of the newsletter.

Getting a Major Head Start on College

Monday Morning

There were 17 members plus our guest speaker, Gina Rieder at our Monday meeting. Dan Leeds and Dave Lefeber were our greeters. John had the grace. Charlene had the humor.  No happy bucks. Dawn announced that the District WI-UM convention is in Fond du Lac August 18-20th.  She is looking for attendees and volunteers to work the event. Bonnie announced that we are landscaping for Habitat on July 18 from 4:00 to 7:30.  Back to school program will be August 5th and August 26th.  Dawn was a winner and loser. She drew the seven of clubs. There are 50 cards left and a pot of $20.00.  Remember that we have a Kiwanis web page and Facebook. If you are on Facebook, like our page.  We have a projector for our speakers; please contact John if you need it. Speaking of programs for the future, get information to Jackie or myself. Member names are being added under Programs for your future dates.

Gina Rieder, College for Kids

Gina is a social studies teacher at Sabish during the regular year. College for Kids is 27 years old. It is part of the UW Extension System. It is an all day camp for student’s grades fifth thru eighth. There are about 190 students in the program. There is also a younger program second thru fourth grades. It is called Leaps. They offer a number enchantment classes. In the off summer season they offer soccer, gymnastics, travel and ACT practice tests. They are grouped together with the Fox Valley and Manitowoc campuses. We sponsored a scholarship for one of their students.

A Sure Way to Help Kids Start Life Healthy and Safe


Monday Morning

There were 14 members at our Monday meeting plus two guests. Our guest speaker was Shelly Tidemann plus Key Club Officer, Jacob Kroll. “Happy Bucks” were offered by Chris Serres for her birthday. Marlin reported that meals served at the Pork Fest were down about 260 from last year at 1,355. There were 751 take outs and 604 dine in meals. More results will be reported as all the expenses are tallied. Marlin needs your ticket sales money as soon as possible. Also the Fund Raising Committee will do Pork Recap on October 15th at Faros. All are welcome, just RSVP John Cooper. Sharon Kollman was the winner of the 50/50 raffle drawing and she drew the nine of spades, not a winner. Next Monday’s 50/50 Raffle will have 50 cards in the game including the nine pay cards.

Shelly Tidemann, Family Living Educator

Shelly has been with the UW Extension for thirty one years with twenty two year at Fond du Lac. The Fond du Lac County UW Extension and Agnesian Healthcare, in partnership with three Fond du Lac Kiwanis Clubs , two Ripon clubs and the Waupun club have been distributing free parenting newsletters to parents which are timed to monthly development of their child since 1993. These age paced newsletters include: Parenting the First Year which is received monthly, while Parenting the Second and Third years is available bimonthly. In 2010, UW-Extension unveiled an electronic version of newsletters. One in every 10 Wisconsin residents was raised by a parent who received the Parenting newsletters.

One Great Way to Ensure Your Baby Sleeps Safely


Monday Morning

We had 19 members at our Monday morning meeting along with a four member InterClub from the Oshkosh Mid-Morning, the daughter of one of the visiting Kiwanians, Gail Luttenberger and Wayne Cress, a possible new member checking out our Club.  Gary Miller announced a successful InterClub to Ripon Early Birds last Wednesday.  “Happy Bucks” were offered by Charlene Pettit ($2), one for a great vacation and the other for a warm ballgame on Sunday, Bonnie Baerwald to honor all the hot weather warriors who went to the Rattler’s game on Sunday, a member of the Oshkosh Mid-Morning Club for visiting us and because her daughter was cooperative in joining her and finally another Oshkosh Mid-Morning member because she’s going on vacation.  Jim Freiberg was the 50/50 Raffle drawing winner but unfortunately he drew the Six of Clubs, which was a non-winner.  Next week’s drawing will have 28 cards with five pay cards and a pot of at least $320.  Now we’re getting into real money!!

Dan Leeds, Young Children Priority One

Our scheduled speaker wasn’t able to attend on Monday so Dan Leeds talked about the origin of the local Swaddle Sack Program by all three Fond du Lac Kiwanis Clubs.  With almost a thousand births in the three hospitals under Agnesian HealthCare’s sponsorship, each and every new baby receives a Kiwanis branded swaddle sack.  Dr. Karen Meyer, from the Evening Club, had the vision to promote the swaddle sacks as a means to ensure safe sleeping for infants.  She arranged for the manufacture of the swaddle sacks in China and they were shipped to Fond du Lac and inventoried at the hospital.  The cost was split amongst the three local Clubs.  This program has been operating for the last three years.  Dan also provided a brief overview of the donations we’ve made over the years for the Parenting Newsletter through Agnesian HealthCare and the UW Extension.

Bookworms Invade Kiwanis

Monday Morning
We had 19 members at our Monday meeting along with our guest speaker, Marianne Geiger from Wisconsin Bookworms. John Cooper announced that the final number for Walleye Weekend looks like a gross sales of approximately $74,700 with a profit of approximately $30,900 before the trailer purchase, a very good year. Again, a huge “Thank You” to everyone that helped make this such a success. A “Happy Buck” was offered by Bonnie Baerwald for her and Lisa doing 95 lbs. of strawberries into jam over the weekend. That included picking the strawberries which in and of itself is no small task. Bob Kahl announced that the St. Peter Athletic Club will be holding a photo op at their baseball diamond, which we contributed to, on Friday, July 12th at approximately 6:15PM. Any and all of our members are welcomed to attend and get in the picture at this dedication. Dave Lefeber was the 50/50 Raffle Winner and he drew the four of Clubs, not a winner. The next drawing will have 19 cards, five pay cards and a pot of at least $422.

Marianne Geiger – Wisconsin Bookworms
Wisconsin Bookworms is a collaboration and outreach effort of the Wisconsin Association for Home and Community Education, (WAHCE) UW-Extension Family Living Programs and Wisconsin Public Television. It is designed to provide free books and an early reading experience for children from limited income families. Each month volunteers read award winning books to the children, engage them in a related activity, give books to the children and provide educational activity sheets for their families. Marianne Geiger thanked our Club for our past donations to the Wisconsin Bookworms project. This program has been in operation in Wisconsin since 1998 and in Fond du Lac County since 2000. At the State level, the program has given over 500,000 books to children in the program while over 17,000 books have been given to over 1,989 children in Fond du Lac County since its inception in 2000. In Fond du Lac County there are 18 volunteer readers who read to four and five year old children in the local Head Start Program at four different locations. The four locations in Fond du Lac County are North Fond du Lac Friendship Learning Center, the old Franklin School, YMCA and the Head Start Program at the Advocap building. Each child gets eight different books along with a book bag to hold all of their new books. The approximate cost for these eight books and book bag is $30 per child.

UW Extension and Clarity Care Stop by Kiwanis

This is a two-week update for you from August 21 & 28

Monday Morning
We only had 14 members at Monday’s meeting along with our guest speaker, Michelle Tidemann. Marlin Towne continued distributing the dinner tickets for our 36th Annual Pork Fest on September 27th. It’s not too early to start selling. Gary Ring encouraged all members to think about alternate meeting places for our Monday morning meetings as we evaluate what to do about the price increase proposal that we’ve received from the new restaurant/banquet operator at the Ramada Hotel. Bonnie Baerwald won the 50/50 Raffle drawing and drew the Nine of Clubs, not a winner, but gets us one card closer to a possible winner. Next week’s drawing will only have 30 cards in the deck with six pay cards and a pot of over $488.

FDL County UW-Extension Parenting Newsletter, August 30
Michelle Tidemann, Family Living Educator at the UW Extension joined us on Monday morning to give us an update on the Parenting Newsletter Project. The University of Wisconsin-Extension produces and distributes three series of educational newsletters for parents – “Preparing to Parent,” “Parenting the First Year,” and “Parenting the Second and Third Years.” These newsletter series are age-paced, so parents receive a newsletter specific to their child’s age. For example, the parents of a 24-month-old toddler receive information on the physical, intellectual, and social skills being developed by children this exact age, and learn ways to promote optimal development. Parents receive the newsletters free, usually in the mail. UW-Extension offices across the state coordinate the distribution of the newsletters with community partners, including local health departments and hospitals, and dozens of other businesses and service clubs, such as Kiwanis. In 2010, UW-Extension began to offer a new option for newsletter delivery. Electronic delivery is free to the 72 county Extension offices around the state, their local partners and the families they serve. If they choose electronic delivery, parents will receive an email each month with a link to the newsletter specific to their child’s age. Currently about 50% of the newsletters are sent via e-mail.

Clarity Care, August 23
Mary Kummerow-Johnson is the Director of Marketing for Clarity Care. She joined us on Monday morning to tell us about Clarity Care. Clarity Care, Inc. is a private, non-profit agency dedicated to providing care and services to individuals with acute, chronic or long-term conditions, including those with disabilities and special needs. From in-home healthcare, to senior living options, to employment services, they enable their clients to feel in control of their lives and remain an active part of the community. A leader in providing quality care since 1972, Clarity Care serves individuals in the Fox Valley and Central Wisconsin regions, including Appleton, Green Bay, Marshfield, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac and beyond. Their employees collaborate with area agencies, case workers and employers to deliver compassionate care within every service line. They treat all of their clients as if they were their family members, often providing them with the assistance needed to gain a level of independence. This ensures that all people – regardless of age, health, income or ability – feel safe, happy and respected under Clarity Care’s attention.

Kiwanis Happenings – June 30, 2012

These news updates have been a bit less sporadic during June as the club geared up and finished a successful Walleye Weekend fundraiser. Here is an update on the past two weeks:

Monday Morning
We had 19 members at the Ramada Hotel for our Monday morning. President Gary welcomed Sharon Kollman back after a leave of absence. It was good to see Sharon looking well. “Happy Bucks” were offered by Gary Miller for being back from vacation at Lake Tahoe and also by Ron Seidl for celebrating his and Joan’s 52nd wedding anniversary. Bonnie Baerwald announced that Habitat for Humanity is looking for volunteers to help staff the FDL County Fair admission gates. You can sign up by calling Habitat for Humanity directly for available times and dates if you’re interested. The 50/50 Raffle winner was Bob Kahl who drew an Eight of Hearts. While Bob didn’t win he did take another card out of the deck. Next week’s drawing will only have 39 cards in the deck with seven pay cards still in the mix.

UW-Extension, Diana Tscheschlok – June 18
In 1911, the Wisconsin legislature provided funds for counties to jointly employ with the University of Wisconsin College of Agriculture “an agriculturist who is an agent of a restricted area, a county or a part of one.” The Oneida County Board was the first county to ask the University for this service, with expenses to be shared on a 50/50 basis. Luther was hired in February 1912, and two additional agents were hired that same year, one in Eau Claire County and the other in Barron County.
In 1912, Luther provided agricultural information about livestock, winter feed, soils and legumes. Today, Cooperative Extension (CE) is home to four program areas offering local information in person and online, providing research-based information 24/7. Local CE offices also connect communities with University of Wisconsin campuses, where CE faculty and staff provide research-based information about the issues facing the people of Wisconsin. With an office in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties and on three Native American reservations, CE develops practical educational programs tailored to local needs and based on university knowledge and research. CE delivers expertise to the public, addressing a wide range of needs, in both urban and rural areas of the states. Information about County CE offices is available on their website.

Walleye Weekend Update – June 25
Del and John gave a recap of the recently completed Walleye Weekend.