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Save the Pollenators

Monday Morning

There were 16 members at our Monday meeting plus one guest, Sandy Smet.  Bonnie and Pete were our greeters. Marlin did the grace for breakfast. Charlene had the humor. Happy bucks came from Dawn, Gary Miller, and Sandy Smet.  We had an interclub to the Noon Club. They were Donna Miller, Gary Miller, Mark, Glen and Jackie. Special committee is looking for members – see Dawn.  Dawn was the winner and non-winner of the drawing. She drew the Jack of Clubs. Bonnie announced that we are serving lunch for Habitat on May 6th and May 18th. We are landscaping for Habitat on July 18th.  Remember that we have a Kiwanis web page and Facebook. If you are on Facebook, like our page.  We have a projector for our speakers; please contact John if you need it. Speaking of programs for the future, get information to Jackie or myself. Member names are being added under Programs for your future dates.

Sandy Smet, USDA

We need to be more organic in your gardening. This was the main theme of our speaker Sandy Smet. We need to plant Bee Bomb Plants, Sun Flowers, Petunias, Dogwood and Snap Dragons. Sandy says that we need to leave the dandelions in for the bees. The bee hives have a major enemy in the Varroa Mite. We need the bees for their pollination of trees, fruits and flowers.

These Girls Have Government Down


Monday Morning

There were 15 members at our Monday meeting plus two guests. They were Alyssa Wciorka and Sandy Smet, our speaker. Alyssa, secretary of the Key Club joined us.  The greeters were John and Dan. Gary Miller led us in grace, again. Dan had the humor. He is almost as good as Charlene. Happy bucks, Charlene, Gary Miller and Steve were happy.  We have all kinds of fund raisers, Gary Ring for Grief Relief, and Pete for South Shore Coracle on April 23 & 24th. Our speaker picked Pete again. He picked the Queen of Diamonds for a non-winner. Next Monday’s 50/50 Raffle will have 27 cards in the game including the five pay cards with a pot of about $325. Spring social, we had seventeen bowlers on four lanes.   Special thanks to Donna and the Satellite Club for organizing the event. Special hello to Mrs. Hintze. She is on a bus with North Fond du Lac students Disneyland in Florida. We have a projector for our speakers; please contact Gary Miller if you need it.

Sandy Smet – Badger Girl’s State

The American Legion Auxiliary sponsored nine girls to Oshkosh for a week for Badger Girl’s State. They get donations from most of service clubs including $250 from us. The girls learn leadership skills and how the government system works. They stay in the dorms at Oshkosh and are organized into different cities by their floor. The program stated in 1937 with 137 girls. Last year, they had 725 girls participate in the program. The junior girls can apply with their guidance counselors or social studies teachers.  The student’s community involvement and GPA’s are used to qualify for Badger Girl’s State. This year’s program is June 19 -24th.