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Grief Relief

Greif Relief 2016

Monday Morning

There were 16 members at our Monday meeting plus one guest. Donna Altepetea was our guest speaker. Gary had humor? Gary also led us in grace. Charlene was our greeter. Our speaker picked Sharon again. She picked the Jack of clubs for a non-winner. Next Monday’s 50/50 Raffle will have 33 cards in the game including the five pay cards with a pot of about $245.  Happy bucks came from Gary Miller. Reminders, if you are bringing a speaker and need a projector, contact Gary Miller. He has the projector at his house for security reasons. Dan announced that the Trinity Soup dinner is March 3rd at the Trinity’s school gym. Cost is $7 and Dan will have tickets.  In addition, Dan is the soup maker. Dawn has a interclub planned for February 18th. It is the Noon Club’s Chili and Grilled Cheese lunch at the American Legion hall. Cost is $6.

Donna Altepetea – Grief Relief

Donna is the new director of Grief Relief. This program is part of Agnesian Bereavement Support Program. Grief Relief serves children who have had loss in of a close family member. It offers support to both kids and parents. They are also on call to help children in the school system with a loss of a fellow student. The bereavement program started with the hospice program and has grown to cover any death in the hospital or nursing home. The club donated $300 to buy a case of special books for the kids to use in their support groups. The photo is attached. The book was developed by United Healthcare. They also host a two day camp for their kids. Last year they had forty kids at Cedar Valley for the camp. Our own Gary ring was one of the volunteers. Gary also helps with one of the support groups. They always need additional volunteers 907-3940. Their big fund raiser is April 14th at the K/C Hall.

The First Place to Call When You’re Grieving

grief relief logo

Monday Morning

There were 16 members at our Monday meeting plus four guests. In addition to our guest speaker, Sharon Stoffel, we had three Key Club members.  They were Paige Richardson, Abe Stoffel-Murray and Ben Stoffel-Murray. Happy bucks came from Harry for thirty five years of wonderful marriage. Gary Ring for a great Pink Pumpkin Race. Chris Serres for her road trip to Arkansas. Anne Lemke and spelling bee team completed fifty two words before misspelling camoflage. Great job Anne! Remember – Marlin needs your ticket sales money as soon as possible.

Gary Ring paid his speaker to draw his number. Unfortunately, he drew the ace of spades, no winner. Next Monday’s 50/50 Raffle will have 48 cards in the game including the eight pay cards.

Sharon Stoffell, Grief Relief

Grief relief is a peer support group for grieving children. Grief relief provides support for children, teens, and their families following the death of a parent, Grief Relief’s mission to provide a safe place where families can grieve openly. We believe that no person should grieve alone. For help, a parent or guardian can call Grief Relief office at 907-3940.  The program started 2008 and is located behind Kwik Trip on Hwy 23 West. Signs of grief in children: Wanting to hear the story of death over and over; noncompliance with adults; aggressive behavior. This is just a small sampling of signs. In addition to funds, the programs need volunteers to work with children.

Kiwanis Happenings – December 1

Well, it has been a while since we have gotten an update out here, so we need to recap two weeks worth of meetings.

Monday Morning
We had 17 members and one guest at Monday’s meeting. Joining us was Rita Meidam, Executive Director of the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation. A donation presentation was made by Dave Lefeber from the Human & Spiritual Aims Com-mittee for the Annual Love Light Fund Raiser. Marlin Towne offered a “Happy Bucks” in celebration of the birth of Lois and Marlin’s third great-grandson in Virginia. Congratulations Lois and Marlin. Dan Leeds was the 50/50 Raffle winner, AGAIN, and he drew the four of clubs. Still not a winner so the pot continues to grow.

Steve Rose, Winner Success Network – November 21 Meeting
Steve, who grew up on a dairy farm, made his initial mark professionally as a radio personality. Besides writing, he also has hosted and produced the television show Leap of Faith, which aired in Green Bay in the late 90s. An avid athlete and fierce competitor, Steve works out five times per week. Steve Rose burst onto the scene in 1996 with the release of the book Leap of Faith: God Must Be a Packer Fan, which is arguably the greatest Green Bay Packer feel-good book of all time. That book tour helped Rose realize his dream of becoming a professional speaker, which he has been doing in companies, schools and churches ever since. He has also written five other books, including Coincidence or Godincidence. Steve is a dynamic, passionate and caring speaker gifted with the ability to help individuals and companies realize their full potential and achieve their purpose. He does this while sharing his in-spiring story that includes recovery from alcoholism, business failure, bankruptcy and other challenges to living his dreams. Rose’s Peanut Butter Promise seminars and keynotes are in great demand because of the vast personal and professional performance-raising results. Steve’s unique down-to-earth speaking style has been a hit with hundreds of audiences all over the USA.
Steve’s dad, David, and his brother, Gary, joined Steve for his presentation. Steve told us many of his childhood stories of working on the farm in Eden and attending high school in Campbellsport.

Rita Meidam, Executive DIrector of Agnesian HealthCare Foundation – November 28 Meeting
Our scheduled speaker wasn’t able to make our meeting so Dave Lefeber asked Rita to tell us a little about herself and the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation. Rita has been with Agnesian HealthCare for the past 22 years and recently was promoted to the role of Executive Director of the Foundation. The Agnesian HealthCare Foundation, along with the Agnesian HealthCare Volunteers, is raising money to assist the Grief Relief program. Love Lights are $10 per person and available through the Information Desks at St. Agnes Hospital and the Fond du Lac Regional Clinic. Proceeds from the Love Light fund drive will benefit Agnesian HealthCare’s Grief Relief program, which provides a safe place where children, teens and their families can grieve openly and share experiences as they move through the grief process in a supportive environment of their peers. Grief Relief’s mission is to provide a safe place where children, teens and their families can grieve openly, while they share their experience as they move through the grief process in a supportive environment of their peers. The Grief Relief program meets twice monthly in the lower level of the Fond du Lac Regional Clinic West building, 912 S. Hickory Street in Fond du Lac. Grief Relief also offers suicide support as well as a support group for widows/widowers on Wednesdays. Several members of our Club spent a couple of hours this past summer helping to paint several rooms of the Grief Relief Center.