Stars and Stripes Honor Flight Representative Presents Program

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Monday Morning
We had 17 members and two guests at our Monday morning meeting. Joining us were our guest speaker, Laura Kahl and Jeremy Shaeffer from Trinity Baptist School and the CEO Project. Jeremy had a “Happy Buck” for the $1,500 donation that the CEO Project received from our Club from the proceeds of the Fond du Fest Cheese Curds sale (see below). Gary Miller thanked the nine members that attended the Evening Club Spaghetti Dinner at the KC Hall last Wednesday evening. Glen Treml was the 50/50 Raffle winner and he drew the King of Diamonds. While that wasn’t a winner it does take another card out of the deck. Next week’s drawing will have 45 cards with nine pay cards and a pot of at least $92. Good luck.

Laura Kahl-Stars & Stripes Honor Flight
Laura Kahl, daughter-in-law of member Bob Kahl, joined us on Monday morning to tell us about her experience with the “Stars & Stripes Honor Flight” program. Laura got involved with the Honor Flight Program as a way to try to make sense out of the political upheaval that our State went through after the election of Governor Walker. She had heard about the Honor Flight program and started to investigate how she could channel her energies into something uplifting. She decided to enroll as a “Guardian” in the Stars & Stripes Honor Flight program out of Milwaukee. She was selected to take her first Honor Flight on October 8, 2011. Laura’s veteran was a gentleman from northern Illinois which made Laura’s Guardian role a little more challenging. She had to be at “Franks” house at 4:00AM in order to be at the airport in Milwaukee in time for the flight to Washington, DC, which meant she left FDL somewhere around 2:00AM. Since many of these WWII vets are disabled Laura noted it took longer to board the plane than it did to actually fly to Washington. Laura then described what they did while in Washington and also the flight home, especially the “mail call” for the veterans. She also described the welcome home reception that the veterans received when they arrived back at the Milwaukee airport. Over 6,000 people packed the airport to show their thanks to this forgotten group of veterans. Great Program Laura.

CEO check presentation to Jeremy Shaeffer