School Choice Wisconsin Presents Choices to Kiwanis

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Monday Morning
We had 15 members and six guests at our Monday meeting back in our regular meet-ing room after the flood. Joining us were our guest speakers Sean Twohig, Jim Bender and Terry Brown and three Fond du Lac High School Key Clubbers, Katie Bucher, Megan Buechel and Luckie Cha. Gary Miller had a groaner for our weekly humor so members are encouraged to find and bring humor to our Monday meetings so we can keep Gary sitting in his chair during the humor section of our meeting. Dave Lefeber was the 50/50 Raffle winner and he drew the Three of Hearts. Not a winner so the pot continues to grow. Next Monday’s game will have 35 cards, eight pay cards and a pot of at least $216.

Sean Twohig – School Choice Wisconsin
School Choice Wisconsin is a non-profit organization that seeks to ensure an honest debate about school choice by providing accurate information on the impact of school choice on families, communities, and schools. A state-wide organization headquartered in Milwaukee, home of the nation’s largest and oldest voucher program for low and middle-income families, School Choice Wisconsin supports expanded educational options for parents through the use of school vouchers, charter schools, and innovative public-private partnerships. Sean Twohig, local proponent of School Choice brought along Jim Bender, President of School Choice Wisconsin and Terry Brown, Vice President of School Choice Wisconsin. School Choice Wisconsin provides comprehensive and timely information on educational options in Wisconsin and voucher programs nationally. The organization’s extensive website is used by reporters, elected officials and staff, and education researchers across the country. School Choice Wisconsin also hosts informational visits to Milwaukee by groups from throughout the country inter-ested in understanding the city’s innovative educational programs.
Jim and Terry entertained questions about why they’re such proponents of school choice and questions about what school choice could do to local school districts. It was an interesting discussion.