Providing Hope for Victims


Monday Morning

We had 18 members and our guest speaker, Courtney Kolb, from ASTOP at our Monday meeting…  A “Happy Buck” was offered by Gary Miller just because he was happy and it wasn’t drug induced.  Vickie Goldapske was the 50/50 Raffle drawing winner on Monday and she drew a non-winning Eight of Diamonds.  Next week’s drawing will have 32 cards with five pay cards and a pot of at least $249.

Courtney Kolb, ASTOP

ASTOP Sexual Abuse Center serves individuals, families and communities and helps them heal from the trauma of sexual assault in the Fond du Lac and Green Lake communities.

ASTOP’s Mission is a sexual assault service provider offering treatment, outreach, prevention, and advocacy, emphasizing hope and connection to self and others.

It is estimated one in four women and one in six men are sexually abused before their eighteenth birthday; the average age of abuse for a female is 13 – 17 years old and 4 years old for a male.

Although these numbers are shocking, ASTOP assists survivors of sexual abuse to break through the negative consequences their abuse can have.  They offer HOPE, HEALING, and WHOLENESS for victims and families through trained, professional staff and caring volunteer support.

Courtney has been with ASTOP for about two years and has just moved into a Case Manager role from her previous Prevention Educator Role.