One Great Way to Ensure Your Baby Sleeps Safely


Monday Morning

We had 19 members at our Monday morning meeting along with a four member InterClub from the Oshkosh Mid-Morning, the daughter of one of the visiting Kiwanians, Gail Luttenberger and Wayne Cress, a possible new member checking out our Club.  Gary Miller announced a successful InterClub to Ripon Early Birds last Wednesday.  “Happy Bucks” were offered by Charlene Pettit ($2), one for a great vacation and the other for a warm ballgame on Sunday, Bonnie Baerwald to honor all the hot weather warriors who went to the Rattler’s game on Sunday, a member of the Oshkosh Mid-Morning Club for visiting us and because her daughter was cooperative in joining her and finally another Oshkosh Mid-Morning member because she’s going on vacation.  Jim Freiberg was the 50/50 Raffle drawing winner but unfortunately he drew the Six of Clubs, which was a non-winner.  Next week’s drawing will have 28 cards with five pay cards and a pot of at least $320.  Now we’re getting into real money!!

Dan Leeds, Young Children Priority One

Our scheduled speaker wasn’t able to attend on Monday so Dan Leeds talked about the origin of the local Swaddle Sack Program by all three Fond du Lac Kiwanis Clubs.  With almost a thousand births in the three hospitals under Agnesian HealthCare’s sponsorship, each and every new baby receives a Kiwanis branded swaddle sack.  Dr. Karen Meyer, from the Evening Club, had the vision to promote the swaddle sacks as a means to ensure safe sleeping for infants.  She arranged for the manufacture of the swaddle sacks in China and they were shipped to Fond du Lac and inventoried at the hospital.  The cost was split amongst the three local Clubs.  This program has been operating for the last three years.  Dan also provided a brief overview of the donations we’ve made over the years for the Parenting Newsletter through Agnesian HealthCare and the UW Extension.