Not Your Typical Congressman


Monday Morning

There were 18 members at our Monday meeting plus seven guests. In addition to our guest speaker, Glenn Grothman, we had an interclub from the Early Riser West Bend Club.  They were Jennifer Herther, Richard Wibe, Larry Koziol, John Gonring, Jane Hegy. In addition, Jackie Trudell, Glenn’s aide joined us.  Happy bucks came from Gary Miller for his 75th birthday, Bonnie for Gary & Donna’s help at Salvation Army, Mark for his grandson’s new license, Sharon for being back from vacation, Larry for being new Lt. Governor and Dick for being a Hawkeye fan. Pastor Dan supplied the invocation. Gary Miller and Mark greeted everyone. Dan was the ticket winner. Unfortunately, he drew the ten of spades, no winner. Next Monday’s 50/50 Raffle will have 45 cards in the game including the eight pay cards with a pot of about $90.

Glenn Grothman, US Representative

Glenn was elected to the congress for the sixth district last November. Congress is in session about three weeks per month. Glenn returns most weekends and the week that congress isn’t in session. Glenn is on four committees. He feels the three goals for congress and the new president should be: One – get a handle on the budget. We have reduced the borrowing from 41% to 11%. However the government debt is $18 trillion dollars. That means everyone needs to pay $52,501.87 to pay it off. Two – get a handle on the increase in welfare. Three – solve the immigration problem.  Glenn’s local office is located at 1020 S. Main St. Fond du Lac 54935. Phone is 920-907-0624.