Marian University Professor Discusses Studying Abroad

Monday Morning
We had 18 members, our guest speaker, Jeffry Reed, PhD from Marian University and four North Fond du Lac Horace Mann Key Clubbers, Perla Chavez, Shannon Jones, Cynthia Newton and Amanda Olson. Gary Miller has four for an InterClub to the Kewaskum Club on January 21st, next Monday evening, but he’s still looking for an insurance member or two in case someone needs to cancel. Check your calendar and let Gary know if you could do an InterClub in Kewaskum Monday evening. Bonnie Baerwald circulated a Thank You note from our Christmas Adopted Family and also reminded members of our Saturday Christmas Tree Pick Project. “Happy Bucks” were offered by Gary Miller, for being back amongst the living after a bout with the respiratory illness that’s going around and Bob Kahl in anticipation of Deanna’s second hip procedure and also their attendance at Robb’s swearing in as the new 47th District Assemblyman. President Marlin also noted that we missed our newest member, Mitch Loomans’, birthday last week so we belted out a belated Happy Birthday for Mitch. Harry Schneider was the 50/50 Raffle winner and he drew a Jack of Hearts. That’s really close to a winner but not close enough. Next Monday’s game will have 39 cards with eight pay cards and a pot of at least $169.

Marian University – Jeffrey Reed, PhD
Dr. Reed has been at Marian University since 1998 and since 2007 has been the Dean of the School of Business and Public Safety. Dr. Reed also is involved in Marian’s Study Abroad program which is what he spoke about on Monday. Dr. Reed told us about his first Study Abroad opportunity in early 2006 with the Marian Chamber Singers to Austria and Bavaria. The trip was two weeks in duration and included six formal performances. The group of students, faculty, staff and spouses also did a lot of touring to such spots as Dachau, Auschwitz, Vienna, Salzburg and a num-ber of other spots. Dr. Reed then talked in details about a semester long Study Abroad to Harlaxton, England during the fall semester of 2006. Dr. Reed spent 16 weeks as a Visiting Professor at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England. He taught while living with the students and other faculty members at Harlaxton. To enhance the experience for Dr. Reed and those students from Marian that were also in attendance, they were able to travel extensively around England, Scotland and Ireland on their free weekends.