Marian University Present Upward Bound Program


Monday Morning

We had 15 members at Monday’s meeting along with our three guest speakers, Garry Moise, Christopher Durkin and Tracy Abler, all from Marian University.  Dan Leeds had a “Happy Buck” for a successful “Souped Up” fundraiser last week at Trinity Baptist School and Gary Miller added a “Buck” as well for enjoying the  soup last week and also because everyone should be happy.  Jackie King was the 50/50 Raffle winner and she drew the Nine of Clubs, not a winner.  Next week’s drawing will have 29 cards with five pay cards and a pot of at least $301.

Marian University Upward Bound Math & Science (UBMS)

Upward Bound Math and Science (UBMS) program is a part of the federally funded TRiO programs, whose purpose is to prepare eligible students for success in higher education. The goal of UBMS is to help students recognize and develop their potential to excel in mathematics and science and to encourage them to pursue post-secondary degrees in those subjects.  At Marian University, UBMS is designed to serve 60 students from Fond du Lac High School and Horace Mann High School in North Fond du Lac. The UBMS program is part of the University’s strategic vision to prepare and train students for professions that rely on strong foundations in science, math and computer technology.

What are the main benefits of participating in the UBMS Program?

  • Emphasis on academic support and college preparation;
  • Involvement in hands-on experiences in science, mathematics, and technology;
  • Opportunities to learn about college environments and admission processes;
  • Assistance in understanding college financing; and
  • Exposure to cultural enrichment and leadership development.

To participate in UBMS activities, the following must be true of the student:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or legal resident;
  • Be a student of either Fond du Lac High School or Horace Mann High School;
  • Be enrolled in the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade at the time of application;
  • Demonstrate an academic need for the provided services.
  • Be interested in pursuing a college degree in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics field.
  • Be a potential first-generation college bound student and/or meet the financial qualifications as defined by the U.S. Department of Education.