Linus Doll Reminisces with Kiwanians


Monday Morning

There were 14 hearty members at Monday’s meeting along with our guest speaker, Linus Doll.  Jan Krug had two “Happy Bucks” one for Del’s retirement and one for her husband, Mike’s, retirement.  Del is still in ICU but they’re getting him up and moving so hopefully he’ll get to a regular room in the very near future.  Prayers are still welcomed for Del’s ongoing recovery.  John Cooper was the 50/50 Raffle winner for the second week in a row.  He drew the Eight of Clubs so he still wasn’t a winner. Next week’s drawing will have 36 cards with seven pay cards and a pot of at least $212.

Linus Doll

Linus Doll joined us on Monday morning to talk about his life and experiences in Fond du Lac.  Linus will be 88 in April so he has a lot of memories of the current and past Fond du Lac area.  Linus was born in Marblehead, the youngest of 15 children.  He attended Fond du Lac High School and graduated in 1943.  He went to the Navy after high school and was discharged in 1946.  He married his wife in 1948 and they in turn had six children.  Linus reminisced about things like his many jobs but his favorite was at Fond du Lac Lumber.