Leading Through Caring

Monday Morning

There were 15 members plus one guest at our Monday meeting.  Barb Senn was our speaker. Jim and John were our greeters. Jackie had the grace. Harry had the humor. Pete was a winner and non- winner. She drew the four of clubs.. We still have 32 cards, 5 winners and a pot of $260.00.   Dan announced that Trinity Baptist School is having “Soup Up!” on March 2nd at their gym. Side note – Del is at home and loves visitors. Gary Miller reported that we had 41 littles for bowling last Sunday. Thanks to all who turned out to help. After bowling, we served pizza.  West Bend German night is March 28th.   Remember that we have a Kiwanis web page and Facebook. If you are on Facebook, like our page.  We have a projector for our speakers; please contact John if you need it. Speaking of programs for the future, get information to Jackie or myself. Member names are being added under Programs for your future dates.

Barb Senn, Sophia Foundation

The Sophia Foundation was established by Virginia Gilmore to nurture the spirt, dignity, potential of people through transformative compassionate leadership. Sophia Servant Leadership Coffee and Conversation are held the 3rd Friday of each month at the Children’s Museum. 2017 conversations will focus on the book “It’s not about the coffee” by Howard Behar. To learn more about Servant Leadership, attend Aspiring Servant Leaders Conference on May 2, 2017. Barb has worked for Sophia for about four years. Foundation relies on local support for their coffees and conferences. Sophia awards a Caring Community Award each year. Last year, they presented it the Sisters of At. Agnes.