Kiwanis Happenings – October 13, 2011

Rather, than upload a pdf file of our newsletter every week, we will be changing the format to include updates from our past meeting and posting special announcements and volunteer opportunities as separate posts. We hope you enjoy the new format and find it useful. If you have any feedback don’t hesitate to contact us.

Monday Morning
We had 18 members along with our guest speaker, Ken Hall, at Monday’s meeting. “Happy Bucks” were offered by Gary Miller, thankful for being back from his shoulder surgery. Ron Seidl was the 50/50 Raffle winner and he drew the King of spades, not a winner but a new pot is now underway. Congratulations again to John Cooper for his $182 pot winner last week.

Ken Hall, Fond du Lac Public Library
Ken Hall joined us on Monday morning to tell what’s new at the FDL Public Library. Ken started by thanking us again for our major contribution to the soon to open FDL Express Library out at Johnson Crossings. The mission of the Fond du Lac Public Library (FDLPL) is: To support a high quality of life in Fond du Lac through reading, lifelong learning and community involvement. FDLPL has long been a leader in introducing new technologies to the public. Video recordings–both tapes and discs–were introduced in the 1980s. Public computers became popular starting in the 1990s. These were followed by such improvements as online databases, electronic books and radio frequency identification technology for handling the 860,000-plus items circulated each year. The library began lending e-readers in summer 2011.

Ken also informed us of construction delays at FDLPL Express, the library’s new branch, that are forcing the postponement of grand opening festivities planned for October 22. FDLPL Express will be located at the Shops at Johnson Crossing, on east Johnson Street. It will feature a “to-go” collection of materials that emphasizes best sellers and new releases, with a sizable children’s corner and materials chosen to help people in their daily lives, such as cookbooks and materials on home repair, family and parenting, crafting and more.

Finally, Ken gave us a view of what he thinks the libraries of the future will look like:

  • High tech
  • Collaborative
  • Comfortable
  • Self-Service
  • Designed for the end user

Key Clubs Corner
We’re trying to organize an InterClub to the North Fond du Lac Horace Mann Key Club for their meeting on Thursday, October 20 at about 2:30PM. Check your cal- endar and sign up for this InterClub if you can when the sign up sheet is circulated.

Mark your calendars for our Monday meeting on October 31st. The Officers from the FDL Key Club and possibly a member of the North Fond du Lac Key Club will be our guest speakers to tell us about the Key Leader Conference they attended back in September. This will be an interesting program to learn about how the Kiwanis Key Leader program works.

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