Kiwanis Happenings – February 9, 2012

Monday Morning
We had 17 members and 10 guests at Monday’s meeting. Joining us were our guest speaker, Lynn Hill from MPTC along with numerous recipients of over $1,300 donations from the Youth Services Committee. Receiving donations were:

Marlin Towne was the 50/50 Raffle winner and he drew a Ten of Clubs, a $10 winner. There are now 36 cards left in the deck, four of which are pay cards. Still lots of money to win and four cards to do it with.

Lynn Hill, GED Academy-MPTC
Lynn Hill, Instructional Technology Testing Specialist at MPTC, joined us on Monday morning to tell us about the GED Academy at MPTC. The GED Academy is a 40-hour accelerated program developed as a fast-track alternative way for students to get their GED. The accelerated format is designed to help students complete the entire GED process or get closer to finishing all requirements. The state-required orientation, instruction, careers classes, and testing materials are all included. Orientation and instruction are free. The GED testing fees are $15 per test for five tests for a total of $75. Moraine Park also offers a High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) program for students who thrive in a classroom setting. Instructors assist students through course-work, and there are no timed tests. Each student is required to attend six hours each week. Three of those hours must be on Friday morning and the other three hours are flexible. The HSED covers the academic subject areas of reading, math, writing, social studies, science, civics, and health. Students must meet certain academic criteria as determined by required pretesting. Registration is required for both the GED Academy and HSED programs.