Kiwanis Happenings – February 23, 2012

Monday Morning
We had 17 members and five guests at Monday’s meeting. Joining us were our guest speaker, Greg Sabel from the St. Peter Athletic Club, two North Fond du Lac Key Clubbers, Rhiannon Grams & Tianna Robinson and possible new members Jeff Stueber and Beth Adelmeyer, guests of Bonnie Baerwald. Gary Miller announced an InterClub to the Ripon Morning Club for Wednesday. Glen Treml was the 50/50 Raffle winner and he drew the Jack of Clubs, not a winner. There are now 34 cards left in the deck, four of which are pay cards and pot is up to $238. That’s a lot of money to win and four cards to do it with.

Greg Sabel, St. Peter Athletic Club
Greg Sabel joined us on Monday morning to tell us about the St. Peter Athletic Club. Greg is one of the volunteer directors and brought along a very nice PowerPoint about the St. Peter Athletic Club. Greg started his presentation by thanking us for our generous gift towards their baseball field expansion project last fall. In 1955 the official St. Peter Athletic Club was formed. They built their first baseball diamond in 1961 and their first concession stand in 1966. In 1976 they built their second diamond. St. Peter Athletic Club is 100% volunteer run with 10–14 directors who serve three year terms. All member families are required to donate 8 hours of time or pay $75 to help maintain the fields and surrounding grounds. Men’s and women softball tournaments were started in the early 70’s and were extremely popular through the 1990’s. Those tournaments became a major source of funds that the Club used to build and improve their fields and concession stand.
St. Peter Athletic Club is known for their emphasis on kid’s skills and techniques. Practices are held weekly throughout the season and efforts are made to hold an equal number of practices to actual games. They feel this is where the kids truly learn the fundamentals of the game.
The cost of family membership is $25 and there is an additional cost of $20-$40 per team depending on the age group of the player. More information, as well as registration forms are available at the St. Peter Athletic Club’s website.