Kiwanis Happenings – April 12, 2012

Sorry for the technical difficulties we have been experiencing lately. We seem to have gotten things straightened out for now. That said, here is a two-week update.

Monday Morning
We had 23 members and two guests at our Annual Meeting and Club Elections on Monday. Joining us on Monday were Lt. Gov. Tonya Alling and District Trustee Paula Thalacker. Two new Hixson Awards were presented to Bonnie Baerwald and Glen Treml by Lt. Gov. Alling and Club President Gary Ring. Our Club has awarded eight Hixson’s over the years. In addition to Bonnie and Glen as the newest, current members John Cooper, Ron Seidl, Marlin Towne and Del Waldschmidt and former members Dave Ness and Jerry Sullivan also hold a Hixson designation. We had a large offering of “Happy Bucks” on Monday. Bob Kahl celebrated Easter with seven grandchildren who were looking for 16 items each, Dave Twohig for being back after his recent accident, Bonnie Baerwald in appreciation for her Hixson award, Lt. Gov. Alling honoring Bonnie for multiple Ruby K awards for all of her member recruitment and Glen Treml in appreciation for his Hixson award. Tonya updated the Club on discussions that the District is having on potential realignment, role of the Trustee structure and the Lt. Governors. More to follow. Gary Miller is trying to put together an InterClub to the West Bend Early Club on Thursday, April 19th. Check your calendar for availability. John Cooper is still looking for additional 5 qt. ice cream buckets for Walleye Weekend. Marlin Towne was the 50/50 Raffle Winner for the second week in the row. Marlin drew the three of hearts, another non-winner. That leaves 46 cards in the deck, 7 of those pay cards, and at least $287 in the pot.

(April 5) Archie Barribeau, Odyssey of the Mind
Archie Barribeau brought seven of his Odyssey of the Mind team to our meeting this week for a couple of reasons. First was to show how creative and industrious his students are and how they won the state competition to allow them to move to the national competition at Iowa State University in Ames, IA from May 21-21. They all described how the Odyssey process worked and what the end result is supposed to be. Congratulations to Mr. Barribeau for managing what looks to be like mass chaos. The second reason for the group’s visiting us was to begin the fundraising process as each student needs to raise about $600 for their week at State. Good luck!