Kiwanians Tackle Info on Football Coach

Monday Morning
We had 18 members and our guest speaker, Mike Gneuech, at Monday’s meeting back at The Main Street Cafe. John Cooper announced that it looks like we had a record Walleye Weekend. We sold 3,000 lbs. of cheese curds and almost all of our other product as well. It will take several weeks for all the bills to come in but all indications are that we had a record year. Del Waldschmidt asked the members to give John a round of applause for all the work he put into Walleye Weekend this year. Charlene Pettit noted that the sign up for the Annual Kiwanis Picnic is very light at this time. See more details under Kiwanis Happenings. “Happy Bucks” were offered by John Cooper in thanks for all the members who helped at Walleye Weekend and also by Dan Leeds for his time spent with his sister and her family and his grandson for the past three weeks in England/Scotland. Steve Millin was the 50/50 Raffle Winner and he drew the 10 of Hearts, another $10 winner. The next drawing will have 21 cards, five pay cards and a pot of at least $389.

Mike Gneuech – Fond du Lac High School Football
Mike Gneuech, Fond du Lac High School Varsity Football Coach, joined us on Monday morning to tell us about the FDL Football program. This is Mike’s second year as the head football coach at Fond du Lac High School, and he’s optimistic that this season will be a significant improvement over his first year. Mike noted that they’ll be young this year with only 10-12 returning seniors and 16 starters. The reason Mike thinks this will be a better year is the enthusiasm that they’re seeing in the weight room this summer. This is the first week of organized weight training, and they have 387 participants from grades 6–12 signed up to lift this summer. These 387 participants are from a number of different sports and not just the football program. Over the course of the past year the weight program has shown improved results in that prior to Mike’s arrival they only had three 300 lb. squat lifters. This year they are up to 32 lifters who can squat 300 lbs. quite an improvement. Specific to the football program they’ll be having four contact days in July with two of those days in scrimmages with other programs. Mike played four years of collegiate football and has been coaching for the past 13 years in an assistant capacity, the majority of that time at Hartland Arrowhead. Mike is also a social studies teacher at the high school and has received tentative approval to teach a course starting in 2014-15 that will focus on character development and leadership.