Keith Schmitz Discusses Tissue Donation

Monday Morning
We had 18 members and our guest speaker, Keith Schmitz, at our Monday morning meeting. Members were reminded to get any Pork Fest money still out to Marlin ASAP so we can wrap up the final accounting for this event. Gary Miller had a “Happy Buck” just because he was happy. Gary is also trying to pull together an InterClub to Kewaskum next Monday evening, (10/22). Their meeting is held upstairs at Woody’s Restaurant with fellowship at 5:30PM and dinner and the meeting starting at 6:00PM. Check your calendar and sign up to attend at Monday’s meeting. Dave Twohig was the 50/50 Raffle winner and he drew the Queen of Clubs, not a winner but darn close. Next week’s drawing will have 50 cards with nine pay cards and a pot of at least $37.

Keith Schmitz, American Tissue Service Foundation
Keith Schmitz, Office Manager from the Appleton office of the American Tissue Services Foundation, joined us on Monday to talk about tissue donation. American Tissue Services Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for families and helping them heal from the death of their loved ones. Accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks, they provide a compassionate and knowl-edgeable team of education, recovery and quality systems professionals. They support healthcare agencies, coroners, medical examiners and funeral professionals through donation education and training. They partner with organizations dedicated to the innovative use of tissue in medical care and research. Tissue enhances—and sometimes saves—lives through procedures conducted thousands of times each year. It is their mission and honor to support donor families and recipients, and to help rebuild lives through the gift of tissue donation.
Tissues that can be donated include bone, heart valves, veins, skin, ligaments and tendons. These tissues can be recovered up to 24 hours after a death has occurred. Tissue donation is not the same as organ donation. Organs are kidneys, lungs and intestines, as well as the heart, pancreas and liver. One tissue donor may enhance the lives of more than 50 recipients.