A Honey of Queen


Monday Morning

There were 14 members at our Monday meeting plus one guest, Kim Kester. Our guest, Kim was our guest speaker. Gary and Mark were our greeters. Mark had double duty and also did grace. Charlene had the humor. Happy bucks came from Dawn, Gary and Chris. Harry drew the queen of spades and won nothing.  We have 44 cards, 7 winners and a pot of $45.00. Fourteen members qualified for the rewards program for last year. Their charity will receive $50 from the Kiwanis. The winners and their charities are attached.  Rules of the program; participate in three fund raising events for total of at least twenty hours, participate in two interclubs, participate in two community service projects. All activities must be reported to Harry. Any questions please check with Harry.  Side note – Del is at home and loves visitors.  ATTENTION – Dawn is looking for a volunteer to be our Vice President for the coming year. See Dawn for details. Remember that we have a Kiwanis web page and Facebook. If you are on Facebook, like our page.  We have a projector for our speakers; please contact Dawn if you need it. Speaking of programs for the future, get information to Jackie or myself. Member names are being added under Programs for your future dates.

Kim Kester, Honey Queen

Kim is the American Honey Queen. Kim is part of the education program of the American Beekeeping Federation. Bees are divided into three groups, drones, workers and the queen. The queen can lay 2000 eggs per day. Bees contribute about 19 billion dollars to the ag industry. Apples, cucumbers, cherries and cranberries are a few of the items that need the bee pollination. Because of the bee shortage in some area, truckers move hives around the county to help out. There are three hundred varieties of honey. It can also be used for coughs, cuts and burns. The wax can be used for candles, lip balm, crayons and ski wax. Follow the Bee Queen on Facebook or get more information at www.abfnet.org.