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Monday Morning

There were 18 members at our Monday meeting plus one guest. Mary Beth Carew was our guest speaker. Gary had humor for the morning. He is getting better. Marlin led us in prayer.  Jackie and Mark greeted the group. Marlin picked the two of spades – no winner. Next Monday’s 50/50 Raffle will have 37 cards in the game including the six pay cards with a pot of about $212.  Happy bucks came from Dave Krug, Mark and Bonnie. Mark and Bonnie contributed happy five bucks. We had an interclub with the Key Club on Friday. Those in attendance were John, Dawn, Donna Freund, Jackie, Gary Miller, Gary Ring and Chris Stelmacher. Future events – The West Bend Kiwanis Chili Cook Off is February 6th. Old business -we have three boxes of plaques, trophies and misc. items including a small speaker’s podium. We need a home for all the items. Also, if you want a particular item as a keepsake, let me know.

Mary Beth Carew, Conflict Resolution Center

Mary Beth runs both the Child Advocate Program and the Mediation Program thru the Conflict Resolution Center. It is a nonprofit program, housed in the Fond du Lac County Center.  They were formed in 1998 and they are partially funded by the county. They have 10 volunteers in the Advocate Program and seven mediators. The Resolution Center has nine Board of Directors to run both divisions. For more information or to volunteer, use our contact form and we will put you in touch with Mary Beth.