Fondy Key Club Celebrates Kiwanis Support


Monday Morning

We had 14 members at Monday’s Appreciation Breakfast at the Fond du Lac High School Key Club. The Key Club had about 13 members plus their teacher advisors, member Chris Stelmacher and Sandi Berka. Principal Jon Wiltzius and Assistant Principal Paulene Mueller also stopped in to thank us for sponsoring the Fond du Lac High School Key Club. Next week’s 50/50 Raffle drawing will have 26 cards with five pay cards and a pot of at least $346.

Fond du Lac Key Club Appreciation Breakfast

The Fondy High Key Club put on a wonderful breakfast for our members on Monday morning. In addition to breakfast the Key Clubber also thanked us for our sponsorship of their group both financially and personally through Chris Stelmacher and Gary Ring. The various officers, both outgoing and incoming, talked about the various projects that their Club has done during the year and what they hope to do in the next year. They highlighted their signature projects; monthly ARC Bingo, their Annual Storybook Land, organizing of the Youth Service Day and providing children’s books to every baby born at St. Agnes Hospital. They had video clips of their most recent Storybook Land where they entertained over 300 children for the morning by acting out various stories. The NFDL Key Club also joined in by acting out one of the five stories presented. The Fondy High Key Club has about 100 paid members of which roughly 50% are very active members.

At the end of the breakfast Jan Krug presented Chris Stelmacher with a Gift Certificate from our Club as a small token of our appreciation for all the work she has done with this Key Club over the past 28+ years.