Fond du Lac County Airport Takes Kiwanis on Tour

Monday Morning
We had 15 members at Monday’s meeting at the Fond du Lac County Airport. Gary Miller was able to organize an InterClub to the FDL High School Key Club for Friday morning at 7:45AM. Jan Krug had a “Happy Buck” for Del’s 80th birthday this week and also in thanks for the sun coming out Saturday afternoon at Fond du Fest. Ron Seidl was 50/50 Raffle winner and he drew the Queen of Hearts. That was the big winner and Ron shares half of the pot of $556 or $278. Congrats Ron!! A new game starts on Monday.

Fond du Lac County Airport
Fond du Lac County owns and operates the airport located just west of Fond du Lac on Rolling Meadows Drive. Fond du Lac Skyport is the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) for the airport and is based out of West Bend. The FBO operates out of a combination terminal/aircraft maintenance and repair facility. Fond du Lac Skyport offers aircraft maintenance and repair, flight instruction, charter flights and aircraft rentals.
The airport consists of a main north/south runway, 75′ by 5,560′, and an east/west runway of 75′ by 3,603′. The north/south runway is labeled 18/36 and the east/west runway is labeled 9/27.
Our tour guide/speaker, Gary, is one of three full-time employees of the FBO, Fond du Lac Skyport, and his job is essentially to greet all aircraft when they come to the airport and arrange whatever the travelers need while they’re in Fond du Lac. He also does a lot of the refueling for these incoming aircraft in addition to the permanent aircraft at the airport, such as Flight for Life. The other two full-time employees are the on-site manager/receptionist and the aircraft mechanic.
A question was asked about the approximate cost of getting one’s pilot license and the figure of around $5,000 was quoted. That can vary however depending on the price of aviation fuel (currently at $5.99/gal) and how fast the student learns the various steps in training process. Gary then took the group on a tour of the four year beautiful terminal.