Fond du Lac Child Support Services Visits Kiwanis

Monday Morning
We had 15 members at our Monday meeting along with two guests, our speaker Mary Lopno, and Dan Leeds’ son, Charlie. Marlin noted that we’ve received an invitation to a 75th Anniversary Celebration at Camp Wawbeek on July 25th. If anyone is interested in attending get in touch with Marlin to get the details. Bob Kahl reminded those in attendance that the St. Peter Athletic Club will be holding a photo op at their baseball diamond, which we contributed to, on Friday, July 12th at approximately 6:15PM. Any and all of our members are welcomed to attend and get in the picture at this dedication. You can go earlier if you’d like and watch the Little League game that will take place prior to the photo op. Gary Miller announced that he’s investigating the criteria to be designated as a Cornerstone Club by the WI-UM District Foundation, and he’ll report back on what he finds out. Mary Lopno was the 50/50 Raffle Winner and she drew the seven of Clubs, not a winner. The next drawing will have 18 cards, five pay cards and a pot of at least $435.

Mary Lopno, FdL Child Support Services
Mary Lopno joined us on Monday morning to tell us about the Fond du Lac County Child Support Services department. Mary has been the Director of this department for the past 14 years and has seen a lot of changes to this important County department. All parents have a responsibility to financially support their children. Wisconsin’s child support program helps ensure that children receive the financial support they need. To obtain the services of the Fond du Lac County Child Support Agency you must fill out an application form. Cases are automatically referred when parents are receiving public assistance for minor children. There are additional charges for individual services, such as the Tax Intercept Program and requesting a modification of a support order. The Child Support Agency can assist in obtaining a child support order from a parent who is not living with or directly supporting his or her child. This can occur when parents are married and separated but not pursuing a divorce, when paternity was established but no support order entered, (because the parents were living together at the time) or when a child is placed in foster care or an alternate care placement.
The Child Support Agency will investigate how much the parent earns and determine how much support would be appropriate under the percentage standards. Child Support uses the State Percentage Standards (CHAPTER DCF 150) to determine support obligations unless there is good reason to deviate from them. Mary noted that her agency has collected over $1M of court ordered support. This translates to a greater than 80% collection rate of what is ordered by the courts. Mary also noted that her department can get involved in helping to determine paternity and they’ve done about 230 such determinations.