FdL Center for Spirituality and Healing Provides Insight to Kiwanians

Monday Morning
We had a very nice turnout at Monday’s Prayer Breakfast meeting with 19 members and our guest Michael Ketterhagen. “Happy Bucks” were offered by Mitch Loomans for all the support our Club has shown for Danny’s Food For Freedom Project, Gary Ring for the nice turnout at our 40th Anniversary Party last Thursday, Julie Budde for her picture in a Discover Wisconsin footage plus being up two early mornings in a row for Kiwanis, and Jan Krug for not being real fond of early morning meetings either. John Cooper was the 50/50 Raffle Winner and he drew the Five of Spades, a $5 winner. The game for Monday, May 20th, will have 24 cards, seven pay cards and a pot of at least $365.

Michael Ketterhagen, Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality and Healing
Michael holds a doctorate in spirituality and healing from The Union Institute and University of Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Ketterhagen is an Associate Professor of Theology at Marian College in Fond du Lac for the past 25 years. Michael used his dream for the FDL Center for Spirituality and Healing as the basis of his doctoral thesis, which opened in the Fall of 2000. Michael is also one of the Centers Certified Yoga Instructors, having received his training through the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA. Michael’s lifelong commitment to his own spiritual growth and healing, his vast knowledge on holistic living and his strong desire to serve, allow him to direct the Center in ways to better serve the community.
Michael talked to us about his studies of various world religions and how they differ but also about their various similarities. He noted that two-thirds of the world’s religions believe in reincarnation, so we never really die but just move to something else. Michael also provided us with five relatively simple things to remember in our Life’s Journey:

  • Zest
  • Cope
  • Meaning
  • Cherish
  • Joy