Dan Lefeber’s Give Impromptu Talk on National Medical Examiners Convention

Monday Morning
We had 20 members at our Monday meeting at our temporary location at Baptist Trinity Church. Gary Miller thanked the members that made the InterClub to the FDL Evening Club last Wednesday evening. Sharon Kollman provided a brief update on the progress toward finding a new meeting location. The ad hoc committee is looking at the following locations; Holiday Inn, Retlaw, Faro’s, Rolling Meadows, MPTC, possibly Lake View Estates and possibly our old location but under a new owner. More details will follow as the facts become clearer. Bob Kahl noted that we had several Club members at last Monday’s Fruth Field ribbon cutting. Our Club donated $10,000 toward this project and will have naming rights to one of the concession stands. Dave Lefeber was the 50/50 Raffle Winner and he drew the Eight of Clubs, not a winner. Next week’s drawing will have 12 cards, four pay cards and a pot of at least $521.

Dave Lefeber, National Medical Examiner’s Convention
Our scheduled program for Monday was unable to attend so Dave Lefeber agreed to talk about his attendance at a National Medical Examiner’s Convention in New York City two years ago. Dave was fortunate to attend this week long convention funded by various grants to New York City. He talked about the 17 story DNA lab in New York that employs 34 forensic pathologists. These folks do over 5,500 autopsies per year. This DNA lab is the largest in the entire country. Dave talked about the advancement that has been realized in DNA testing in that results that used to take eight weeks are now done in eight hours. While at the convention Dave was able to tour the site of the 2001 terrorist attacks and heard about many of the details of that 9/11 attack. He told us about the many issues that the rescuers face as a result of all of the chemicals and toxins that came from the falling twin towers. Dave also described what happens even today when any sort of body fragments are found in and/or around ground zero. He noted that there were still 1,123 victims of that disaster still unaccounted for as of two years ago. Nice impromptu program Dave. Thanks.