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Heartland EL (black) [Converted]

Monday Morning

There were 19 members at our Monday meeting plus five guests. Our guest speakers were Bryan Johnson, Hollie Moe, Lynn Marten. Happy bucks came from Glen Treml and John Cooper for the Whitewater football win over Oshkosh. We have honorable mention for Facebook picture of Steve in his tuxedo. Special thanks to our greeters, Glen and Dave. Steve handled the invocation and Dan had some good humor. Jackie King was the ticket winner. She drew the queen of spades for no money. Next Monday’s 50/50 Raffle will have 41 cards in the game including the six pay cards with a pot of about $155. Special thanks to Joan Pinch and Holiday Inn for finding a room on short notice. Almost interclub, Steve, Chris and John attended the Evening Club program with Andy Land. No interclub but it was a great program.

Bryan Johnson – Heartland Hospice

If you only had 6 months to live, what if anything would you do differently? In order to use hospice, you need two doctors to diagnosis that you have six months to live. Hospice is here to provide quality of life in your final days. Only 40 percent of hospice patients are diagnosis with cancer. Hospice helps to manage pain and offer higher quality of life. It is possible to travel for special events with the hospice network. Hospice would never take away a person’s hope. A recent study showed that on average hospice patients live three months longer than patients with similar diagnoses. Heartland Hospice’s team includes nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers, spiritual caregivers, volunteers and bereavement counselors. Heartland also offers volunteer opportunities. They have three categories: vigil volunteers, friendly volunteers, and special projects. For more information on volunteers or to sign up for training, contact Hollie at 1-800-236-1989.