Brian Carter Reveals What Fishy in Fond du Lac

Monday Morning
We had 19 members and our guest speaker, Brian Carter, at Monday’s meeting at the Ramada Hotel. It appeared that Gary Miller had an InterClub to the FDL Evening Club on Wednesday evening (9/19) at the Elks Club. “Happy Bucks” were offered by Steve Millin for his daughter’s wedding last Saturday evening and Bob Kahl for his and Deanna’s 51st wedding anniversary. Glen Treml was the 50/50 Raffle winner and he drew the Queen of Hearts, the big winner. The pot topped out at $503, $251.50 to the party fund and $251.50 to Glen. A new game starts on Monday.

Brian Carter, Fond du Lac Seafood Co.
Brian Carter, owner of Fond du Lac Sea-food Co., LLC, joined us on Monday to give us an update on his business. Brian has been in business for eight years and during those eight years they have sold over 132 different types of fish out of their store at 63 N Main Street. Brian’s store is open Tuesday through Saturday and closed on Sunday and Monday. When asked why he was closed on Monday, he had a very simple answer; fresh fish isn’t delivered over the weekend so he’d have nothing to sell even if he was open on Monday. Brain brought along a large filet of Norwegian Atlantic Salmon that he poached for our members to sample. Brian explained where the fish he sells comes from and how it’s raised. While some fresh fish is from the wild the majority of the fresh fish in his store comes from fish farms. The salmon we had on Monday came from a Norwegian fish farm that is actually set up in the fjords of Norway. This particular farm is all natural but not all such farms are all natural. The trick for businesses like Brian’s is to know where and how their fish are raised. Great Program!