At Least One Reason Why You Need to Support the Fond du Lac Community Theatre



Monday Morning

We had an improving crowd of 17 members at Monday morning’s meeting, along with five guest speakers from the Fond du Lac Community Theater.  Joining us were Mary Runge, Tammy Franklin, Ben Franklin,  Becky Fishelson-Huber and Maggie Patton.  Gary Miller was still looking for volunteers for an InterClub to the Ripon Early Birds on Thursday, August 21st.  Their meeting starts at 7:00AM.  Charlene Pettit had a “Happy Buck” for her recent visit back to Iowa for a family reunion and visits with brother and sister.   Gary Miller reported on his attendance at the KI UM District Convention this past weekend in Middleton.  Marlin Towne was the winner of the 50/50 Raffle drawing on Monday and he drew the Jack of Diamonds, not a winner.  Next week’s drawing will have 12 cards with three pay cards and a pot of at least $540.

Fond du Lac Community Theatre

Becky Fishelson-Huber, current President of the Fond du Lac Community Theater thanked us for our invitation to tell the story behind the Fond du Lac Community Theater. She explained that their mission is to advance the arts in the Fond du Lac area, including the theatre and its allied fields, and to provide its members with experience in all phases of live public dramatic entertainment; to provide the Fond du Lac area with performances in the dramatic arts.

Their goal is simple: to bring as much participatory, live theater to Fond du Lac as they can. By “participatory” they mean that they don’t hire outside groups to perform here. They’re grass roots, hands-on, do-it-yourself group. Their active members are unpaid volunteers. So why do we do it? The short answer is: “For the fun of it.”

The group then talked about the revitalization of the Children’s Theater with this year’s production of Aladdin. Ben Franklin talked about his experience in the production and they shared a video clip of the actual performance. The next production for the Children’s Theater is currently under discussion by the principles at the Community Theater.