Al Buechel Gives County Update to Kiwanians

Monday Morning
We had 18 members at our Monday meeting along with our guest speaker, Fond du Lac County Executive Al Buechel. Bonnie Baerwald reminded everyone that the Relay for Life Brat Fry is Friday evening at FDL High School. She was still looking for more servers for both shifts. Bonnie also noted that the Club Satellite will be working on a membership push at their meeting on October 3rd. Watch for more details as we get closer to that date. Gary Miller noted that we’ll need to double up on InterClubs in August to get back on track. “Happy Bucks” were offered by Gary Miller just because he was happy. Marlin asked the Hixson Committee to meet for a few minutes after the meeting.
John Cooper was the 50/50 Raffle Winner and he drew the Jack of Spades. Next week’s drawing will have 15 cards, four pay cards and a pot of at least $474.

Al Buechel, Fond du Lac County Executive
Al Buechel joined us on Monday morning to give us an update on the interesting things going on in Fond du Lac County. Al started by talking about the various expansions that are taking place at Mercury Marine as a result of the consolidation of operations in Fond du Lac due to the actions taken by the State, FDL County, and the City of Fond du Lac to keep Merc in Fond du Lac. These investments are starting to pay dividends in construction jobs and manufacturing jobs. Al then handed out a spreadsheet that showed the funds collected by the ½% sales tax and how those funds are being utilized along with the new and retained jobs that have come from these investments. Next we saw the aerial views of the new roundabouts at Morris and Hickory Streets along with the progress on the railway underpass on Pioneer Road. Al also talked about the Cty V interchange that should begin construction in 2015 along with an overpass at Cty T over Hwy 151. Hwy 23 expansion to Plymouth will be delayed to probably 2015 while a legal challenge runs its course. County wide wireless internet was also on Al’s list of things to come during the next year or two. This project will provide 4G LTE service to the entire county. Finally Al talked about our involvement in sustaining Lake Winnebago in collaboration with other counties around the lake.