Air National Guard Member Discusses His Service for Country

Monday Morning
We had 17 members and our guest speaker, Tyson Krug, at our Monday morning meeting. Gary Miller is trying to pull together an InterClub to Kewaskum next Monday evening, (10/29). Their meeting is held upstairs at Woody’s Restaurant with fellowship at 5:30PM and dinner and the meeting starting at 6:00PM. Check your calendar and sign up to attend at Monday’s meeting. Pete Vercouteren announced a Membership Committee meeting for Friday (10/26) at The Oasis at 6:45AM. Dan Leeds was the 50/50 Raffle winner and he drew the Nine of Spades. While that wasn’t a winner it does take another card out of the deck. Next week’s drawing will have 49 cards with nine pay cards and a pot of at least $48.

Tyson Krug, 128th Air Refueling Wing (Air National Guard
Tyson Krug, son of member Jan Krug, joined us on Monday morning to tell us about his experiences with Wisconsin Air National Guard (ANG). Tyson joined the ANG right out of high school in 2006. His first assignment was a munitions loader based at Truax Field in Madison. When the opportunity presented itself Tyson transferred to the 128th Air Refueling Wing and began his training as a “Boom Operator”. Tyson was fully trained in May 2012 and has been in his new role ever since. Tyson flies missions on one of the 128th’s 12 KC-135 Stratotankers. Tyson’s job is to “fly” the refueling boom to the receiving aircraft, connect to their refueling port and pump as much fuel as is needed as quickly as possible. Tyson provided us with a number of statistics that demonstrated the effectiveness and value of the WI ANG. He also described a number of places that he’s visited since May as a part of the 128th’s mission to keep our aircraft in the air. Tyson noted that he could refuel any Air Force plane that is flying today and most all of the Navy’s planes as well. Awesome program!!