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Monday Morning

There were 15 members at our Monday meeting plus one guest. Craig Molitor was our guest speaker. Gary had humor for the morning. He had a relapse this week. Pastor Glen led us in prayer.  Dave Krug greeted the group. Pete picked the ten of clubs for $10 – a winner. Next Monday’s 50/50 Raffle will have 36 cards in the game including the five pay cards with a pot of about $215.  Happy bucks came from Gary Miller, Dan Leeds and Steve Millin. Dan’s was a paid ad for the Annual School Auction. See the attachment for more details. Future events – The West Bend Kiwanis Chili Cook Off is February 6th. Business – Youth Services gave $250 to Badger Girls, $100 to Oakfield Post Prom and $150 to Fondy Idol. Priority One gave $900 to Oakfield Library Children Walk.  

Craig Molitor, Fond du Lac Convention & Visitor Bureau

Craig has run the Fond du Lac Convention & Visitor Bureau for about 5 ½ years. All hotels collect an 8% bed tax. This year they hope to collect about $600,000. This tax becomes their budget every year. They are the Marketing Department for Fond du Lac County. Right now, they are working on Sturgeon Spectacular, February 12–14, 2016. They helped with ideas for John McGivern’s “Around the Corner” in Fond du Lac. If you missed this show or have questions about the Convention Bureau, check out their website